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              Aminoalcohols and Derivatives
              Piperidine and Derivatives
              Raw material medicine
              Other derivatives
              Other organic fine intermediates
              Other intermediates
              Other advanced intermediates
      About us

    Located at Jinan, city of springs in Shandong Province, Jinan Welt Chem. Co .Ltd is a professional manufacturer of pharmaceutical intermediate and fine chemicals. We serve customers specialty products in a dynamic global market, offering marketing and logistics expertise.
    Our company has advanced lab of organic synthesis, analysis center, semi-works and production basis. We have additional corporations with scientific institutes.  Great achievement has been made in new technique research and new chemicals developing.
    Through creating new and useful technologies and products, Welt Chem continues to work improving overall quality and build higher levels of innovation into our products .Our vision for Welt Chem is to shape the world’s leading brand.
    For further information on Welt Chem please contact us.

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